Welcome: Labor’s Focus On Building And Construction

Master Builders Tasmania applauds Labor’s focus on building and construction in its Budget reply today, recognising our industry as the recovery’s economic accelerator and jobs generator.

The bi-partisan support for the extension of HomeBuilder and support for apprentices and training is welcome.

We share Labor’s focus on keeping construction central to our economic recovery.

It recognises the established multiplier effect of every $1 spent in construction generating $3 in the wider economy.

We are starting to see the green shoots of confidence returning. Labor’s plan would support Tasmanians to capture the job opportunities as we build the homes and infrastructure central to our economic recovery.

Master Builders Tasmania and its member have a long tradition of teaching, mentoring and training so we also support Labor highlighting the importance of training and apprenticeships.

The building and construction industry trains more apprentices than any other industry. We know how great they can be. We place our confidence in them every day.

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Matthew Pollock on MMM Hobart today talking about HomeBuilder extension