Covid-19 Resources

Testing requirements

If a person has symptoms, they must get tested using a rapid antigen test (RAT) or a polymerase chain reaction(PCR) test.

Get tested

If they test positive on a RAT then they must record the result, isolate and follow the checklist.

Recording the RAT will ensure the person has access to healthare response and information, including monitoring for worsening symptoms or financial assistance.

When can an employee who has tested postivie for Covid-19 return to work? 

If an employee tests positive for Covid-19 they must isolate for 7 days after the date of the test.

There is not a Public Health requirement to provide a negative test before returning to the workplace once they have completed their 7 day isolation (and are not still experiencing significant symptoms) but a negative test on day 6 is the current expected standard.

When can an employee considered a close contact return to work? 

What is a close contact?

Close contacts are require to isolate for 7 days and get tested for Covid-19 and can leave on day 7 if a negative test is returned.

If a RAT test is positive, the person must register their result and isolate for 7 days.

Case and outbreak response

Public Health’s response to an outbreak and how it might affect your business

Pandemic leave disaster payments

Review the support available if you can’t earn an income because you or someone you are caring for has to self-isolate or quarantine due to Covid-19.

Financial support – business

Face covering requirements

The general requirements are; Face masks are required in all indoor settings, this includes workplaces. A face mask may be removed when a person is alone or when eating or drinking.

Covid-19 management

Being prepared for cases or an outbreak of Covid-19 will help you to respond well and quickly, and minimise disruption to normal services and activities.

Below you can find the latest Covid-19 Safety Plan templates, guidelines and advice:

How to conduct a Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Preparing Your Business Covid-19 Cases and Outbreaks

Coronavirus and Australian Workplace Laws

Work Health & Safety

Other useful information includes:

A National Guide for safe workplaces – Covid-19

National Covid-19 safe workplace principles

The latest workplace checklist to limit the spread of Covid-19

A small business planning tool – Covid-19

Working from home – workstation setp-up guide – Covid-19 in case you are required to have staff working from home

A full Covid-19 resource kit that also includes guides for physical distancing, cleaning and disinfecting your workplace, and a health and hygiene facilities checklist


Vaccinations and boosters

The best way to combat serious illness from Covid-19 is being vaccinated and getting your booster when eligible.

Specific vaccination information for the Building & Construction industry can be found here.


QR codes

Although not mandatory, MBT would encourage our members to take a proactive step and and have the State Government QR code implemented on all sites.

Tasmanian Government community updates