Erosion & Sediment Control Resources

The loss of sediment and slurry from development sites such as subdivisions, single lots, and construction sites remains the NUMBER ONE cause of pollution in urban waterways. Legislation requires that best practice erosion and sediment control (E&SC) is implemented onsite if there is a risk of environmental nuisance or harm from the loss of sediment or other pollutants from a site.

Below are links to an updated resource – ‘Erosion and Sediment Control – Fundamentals for Development in Tasmania’ – which was developed for the Tasmanian development industry by E&SC experts and the EPA, and represents current International Erosion Control Association (IECA Australasia) best practice. E&SC Fundamentals will help Tasmanian developers effectively plan, install, and maintain E&SC measures onsite, thereby meeting legal requirements, saving money in the long-term, improving reputations, and ensuring sensitive Tasmanian waterways are protected for all.

E&SC Fundamentals can be downloaded as a complete book or simplified pamphlet for smaller developments. An example E&SC plan is also available to help developers draw up their own plans.