About us

Master Builders Tasmania was established in 1891 by a group of building and construction workers, originally named “The Builders’ and Contractors’ Association of Tasmania” changing its name in 1913 to “The Master Builders’ Association of Tasmania” it was formed to protect its members from undercutting by cheap and unqualified workers.

We are a non-political and not for profit making organisation set up to safe guard and promote the interests of our members in their business of building and construction contracting, to assist them in the execution of their work and to encourage and promote a high standard of workmanship and integrity in the building industry and to actively seek improvement of conditions under which the building industry operates.

As a broad-based organisation, we service the needs of the entire industry, from residential to commercial businesses, principal contractors to subcontractors, trade contractors and suppliers.

We continually assist in developing the skills of our members by providing access to a wide range of services in key areas such as workplace health and safety, legal and contracts, training and government regulation and legislation as well as representation to government and industry.

Our Vision

Master Builders Tasmania is committed to best practice in all aspects of the built environment and the promotion of a safe and healthy, productive, ethical and innovative building and construction industry.

Our Mission

Master Builders’ Association of Tasmania Inc. is an employer organisation representing builders, trade contractors, service providers and trade suppliers in the building and construction industry. The Association seeks to lead the development and professional standards of the industry, to further the interests of its members and the Tasmanian community.

Our Purpose

Leadership in the promotion of quality in building and professional standards.  Develop, educate and mentoring of all stakeholders to support long term sustainability in the building and construction industry.  To be a trusted business partner for our members and offer specialist products and services which improve business success.  Peak industry group for the building and construction industry actively involved with affiliated organisations, federal, state and local government authorities, architects and lending institutions for the purpose of advocacy and improving the regulatory, legislative and general business environment in the industry.