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Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill 2022

This Bill proposes major changes to the Fair Work Act and aims to modernise workplace bargaining, address the gender pay gap and increase wages.


What actions do I need to take now?

  • Amendments prohibiting pay secrecy and protecting an employee’s right to disclose (or not disclose) remuneration came into effect on 7/12/2022.
  • Review your existing contract templates to ensure any terms inconsistent with the new workplace rights are no longer included.
  •  Gender identity, intersex status and breastfeeding have been added as protected attributed with respect to discrimination as of 7/12/2022.
  • Review & update your workplace policies related to harassment and discrimination in the workplace
  •  Abolition of the ABCC. The building industry will no longer have a regulator with a sole focus on activities in this sector.
  • You should review your industrial relations policies now and be prepared to take action yourself for the breaches of any requirements of the FWA in terms of right of entry, unlawful industrial action, coercion, adverse action & discrimination.
  •  If you have an Enterprise Agreement which has passed its nominal expiry date, carefully consider if it would be worth negotiating a replacement agreement before the significant changes to bargaining commence in 2023. All employers with expired EAs should be considering their industrial strategy now, as should those likely to commence bargaining in the next 6 months.
  •  Review the circumstances in which you are using fixed term contracts and the associated templates you use. Consecutive fixed-term contracts will become prohibited in December, 2023.


MBT are currently developing resources to assist you with implementing these and future changes into your workplace.

We will notify members as they become available. In the meantime contact Deb Angilley on 6210 2000 with any queries.