Tassie timber a win-win as building boom stretches supply chains

Master Builders Tasmania is encouraging builders to ‘buy local’, especially when it comes to timber supplies.


Executive Director, Matthew Pollock, said that with the boom in housing approvals and the effects of COVID still impacting global supply chains, it was vital as many Tasmanian products are used as possible.


“The building boom is great news for the homeowners, the community, the economy, and for jobs.  However, with COVID disrupting supply chains, now more than ever we need to buy local. Tasmanian producers make some of the best timber products in the world. This timber will support our construction led recovery,” Mr Pollock said.


“By using Tasmanian timber, builders are supporting Tasmania’s sustainable, renewable timber industry, jobs and regional communities. It’s a great example of how stimulus targeted at construction boosts the economy through the supply chain. For every $1 spent on a construction project, $3 is spent across the economy.


“The timber industry and the construction industry are working together to accelerate our economic recovery.”


“Thanks to the government stimulus, there’s never been a better time to build a home in Tasmania. More Tasmanian’s than ever before will benefit from the long term social and economic benefits that come with home ownership. This wouldn’t be possible without the Tasmanian timber industry.” Mr Pollock said.


Tasmanian Forest Products Association CEO, Nick Steel, said this was a fantastic example of a world-class, renewable forestry industry at work.


“Timber is the ultimate renewable building product. For every tree harvested, another is planted. The best thing is, the trees are grown and processed right here in Tasmania, providing a fully locally value-added production chain in new housing construction.”


“Not only is this great for the building sector, the forest industry, the community and our economy, it’s also good news for the environment.  The carbon absorbed in the timber being used as part of the building boom will stay locked up for generations.  More trees will now be planted, which will lock away even more carbon.  It’s a great outcome and another example of a renewable industry at work.”



For comment contact Matthew Pollock 0409 815 731.