Keep Construction Working – Get Vaccinated

The Tasmanian government has said that health authorities will not hesitate to send Tasmania into lockdown should the dangerous Delta strain of coronavirus breach our borders.

Health Minister Jeremy Rockliff has stated that short, sharp lockdowns will be the most likely weapon against any outbreak.

Whilst construction has thus far remained as an essential service in Tasmanian, it was extremely concerning to see construction sites shut during recent snap lockdowns in NSW and SA. We must do everything we can to ensure we can continue to work in the case of a snap lockdown.

Not a single case has been linked to a construction site in Tasmania and we were the first industry to develop, publish and implement Covid safety systems, approved by government, SafeWork, unions and industry. We have proven we can work together to keep the community safe.

The best way to protect our industry and keep construction sites open is to get vaccinated and ensure we have the proper safety systems up to date and established on all building sites.

People under 40 are now eligible for the Pfizer vaccine. You can register to get vaccinated at:

The quicker we all get vaccinated the better chance we have of avoiding future restrictive lockdowns.

The Premier recently said the target is to get to 80 per cent vaccinated by November. Meeting this goal is the best defence we have of avoiding future restrictive lockdown and something we can all do to help keep sites open.

What better reason does the building and construction industry need to lead the charge and get vaccinated sooner rather than later.

It is also important that we all keep our COVID safety plans up to date. The links below can assist. I would urge everyone to take the time to review your COVID safety plans given the recent news of a man testing positive to COVID in Launceston this week.

Whilst not mandatory, I am aware that some members have taken it upon themselves to introduce QR check-ins on sites. I would encourage all members to consider introducing QR codes on sites. The more we can do to shows sites can operate safely and ensure we keep our industry COVID free the better chance we have of keeping open in the event of a future snap lockdown.

Other steps we can take: