$10 Million Headworks Holiday to Unlock Much Needed Land Supply

The Premier’s State of the State address today again backs the building and construction industry to generate jobs and accelerate the economic recovery, building on stimulus like HomeBuilder to put homeownership at the centre of the recovery strategy.  

Master Builders Tasmania Executive Director, Matthew Pollock said: “$10 million to offset the significant upfront costs of developing land for new construction will unlock much need land supply for new housing construction.

“Land supply is the first crucial step in boost new housing supply and meeting the housing affordability challenge. Housing affordability and land affordability are inextricably linked.

“HomeBuilder has shown that there is a lot of pent up demand for new housing in the community. But we need the land to build on. Land shortages can drive up costs and limit the ability of industry to keep pace with new housing demand.

“We hope that this program will encourage land owners to develop land zoned for residential construction and by doing so support the construction industry to build more homes.” Mr Pollock said.


For further comment contact Matthew Pollock (m) 0409 815 731