Union Bully Boys To Naughty Corner – Forever

“Union bullies are being sent to the naughty corner forever as national laws almost certain to pass this week will isolate the militant construction division of the crumbling CFMMEU,” Master Builders Tasmania Executive Director Matthew Pollock said.


“The forestry, maritime, mining, and energy parts of the friendless union can no longer stand for the behaviour of the likes of Tasmanian construction union agitators and recidivist bullies Kevin Harkins, Richard Hassett, and their boss in Victoria John Sedka.


“Mr Harkins was only last week fined $16,000 for lying to police and intimidating workers on a Hobart construction site.


“Mr Hasset has the odious honour of having accumulated $500,000 in fines for his union bullying since 2015, the latest penalty a personal fine of $20,000 for an outrage in Hobart which left him described by a judge as a recidivist offender.


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“Master Builders Tasmania joins with the nation in turning its back on militant unionism.


“The community agrees that bullying and intimidation is unacceptable – the construction unions tactics are a relic that’s been holding us all back for too many years.


“Unlawful industrial tactics drive up the cost of construction by up to 30 per cent. This is a price paid by everyone in the community. It is unacceptable that taxpayers are slugged with paying more for the infrastructure that will help us build our way out of this recession.


“The federal government has today introduced the union demerger bill into parliament. Labor this morning in the Lower House did not oppose it.


“There was no way Labor could afford to be defending the union’s national figurehead John Seka and the toxic culture of the CFMMEU Construction Division.”


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